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Thank you for the support

kiitos tuesta

Thank you for the support

This exhibition and the material that will remain on its website have only been possible with the help and work of a great many people. It would not have been possible to start to work without the grants awarded.

The grants made it possible to cover the necessary costs of the exhibition and its materials. It has been possible to reduce the remaining costs with the help of many people's spirit of volunteering.

This journey began about two years ago almost by chance. Without you, the journey would have been a lot bumpier.

Money means a lot in receiving a grant. Grants have also brought credibility and are a sign of my ideas being believed in and of the willingness to encourage them. Of course, it has also encouraged me to be worthy of your trust.

Warm thank you to


50 years for the photography. Finnfoto, the Finnish Photographic Associations, represents and works for the entire field of photography. We advance the esteem and position of... ... Read more

Förbundet Finlands Svenska Synskadade rf FSS

Förbundet Finlands Svenska Synskadade FSS (in English roughly: The Association of the Swedish Visually Impaired in Finland) ... Read more

Hans Brummers stiftelse sr

Hans Brummer’s Foundation awards grants to visually impaired persons primarily to promote the acquisition of information and the quality of life. ... Read more

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired

Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired awards grants from the Jenny and Siiri Saarelainen Fund and the Education and Culture Fund ... Read more

Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired

We support the cultural activities of the visually impaired and promote the accessibility of cultural events. We organise courses and events in different fields of art. We train audio... ... Read more

The Finnish Foundation for the Visually Impaired

The Finnish Foundation for the Visually Impaired is a private foundation that promotes and supports the studies of the visually impaired and the goals that promote participation and... ... Read more

Zachris Castrenin Säätiö

First Director Zachris Castrén's Scholarship Fund was established in 1939. Zachris Castrén gave his consent to the name of the fund and donated the initial capital to... ... Read more

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