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Experts of Accessibility

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We did a series of interviews on different aspects of diversity. Read experts' thoughts on the basis of accessibility and on diversity..

The visually impaired have the right to see - from the description interpretation

Eija-Liisa Markkula's parents tried to raise their daughter so that no one would notice how curious this is. Perhaps it is curiosity that has taken Markkula into many of them and... ... Read more

Kaisa Penttilä

I am visually impaired, I live in Espoo and work as an IT specialist. I became blind as an adult. The cause of my blindness is retinitis, or macular degeneration. ... Read more

Visually Impaired smart phone users

A visually impaired or a blind person can use current smart phones with touch screens with help of a screen reader or a magnifier nearly as efficiently as a sighted person. However,... ... Read more

Seppo Verho

I started photographing when I was 12. I used my pocket money to buy an affordable camera. I photographed seriously, practiced a lot of things with the help of guides. Then, during the... ... Read more

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Compagnie Kokko-Kokki Oy
Le pionier en testant l’accessibilité. En Finlande, la compagnie Kokko-Kokki Oy a conduit des testes d’accessibilitÉ
des sites Internet dès l’année 2003. Elle est la compagnie la plus experte en son domaine en Finlande. /p>

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