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mosaic pictures

What is the most favorite image in the Mosaic Stories photo series?

Take part between January 24th and February 6th 2022 and win the most popular photos as postcards!

Select your favorite pictures and send your answer to mosaiikki@omat.fi. In the title field, type the number of the picture that you selected.

If you wish, you can vote for more than one image, which increases your chances of winning. Send each of your choices as a separate message!

Three prizes shall be drawn among the participators. One prize includes 5 different most popular cards. The cards are two−sided and each has the picture’s name in Braille and a textless inside. The prize is worth €25.


E−mail addresses are used only for the lottery, after which the data is deleted. By February 13th 2022, the first names of the participators and the result of the vote will be posted on https://www.omat.fi/mosaiikki/suosituin.php page and also on Facebook and Instagram.

Mosaic Stories photos as postcards!

kaksiosainen Mosaic Stories

The Mosaic Stories photography exhibition will be on display at Galleria Anna of the Sello Library from January 4th to January 28th 2022

Now the photographs in the exhibition are also available as postcards. They are manufactured by individual printing and as products that are completely suitable for the visually impaired. The cards are two−sided and each has the picture’s name in Braille and a textless inside.

Order unique cards!
Cards can be ordered for private use, the price is 5 € apiece and the minimum order is 10 cards. mosaiikki@omat.fi

Suomeksi | På svenska

1. romulusi

A picture does not include interpretations, rather it is you and me who make the interpretations.  At the bottom, a light brown, shading towards yellow, wall that seems to be scaled, rises upwards into the dark. From the upper right corner rises a curved pipe, which disappears up in the middle. It forms, as it were, a curved hat over two light eye-like spots.Melting gold, just solidifying. The surface is already darkening, the background is still glowing, a conflicting borderline space. My father was a goldsmith, I often used to watch how he melted gold.


2. karrakis

The time given to experiencing a photograph, in most cases, increases the importance of its multilayeredness.  Peach-coloured mist with clearer arches at the bottom and a whiter area in the middle  right side. Just like sunlight were shining through a sieve of peach-colored clouds. The picture sucks one in, to something soft, honeyed. A nice feeling.


3. nesurgam

An abstract photograph can move in time or in the future.  Round shapes from dark red to lighter shade. From the left, relatively high starts a whiter area, which partially runs all the way down and partially twists into the middle. The whiter area looks a little like an elephant’s head and trunk. There is a tender mood here, even erotic, it would be nice to disappear into those pink mazes.


4. syavin

Turn your face towards the sun,<br />
then you cannot see the shadow.<br />
Helen Keller
 The background is black. From the top right, starts a little reddish mist that continues as three downwards moving white dots. Under that, a red ball is formed, which has a yellow center. In its mysterious darkness, this is a little scary. Is one getting into the maw of something evil?


5. iqonos

The instantaneousness of a photograph can create a different world than that which we see.  The background is black. At the top, in the middle, is a white area from which starts, towards right, an orange area that goes all the way down to the bottom. At the topmost part of this area there are two white dots, as if it were eyes. From the top, almost from the right edge, a narrow dark area runs down to the left. There are two white areas at the bottom left. The shades of the image create soft beauty, but the lights and the shadows create drama. Is the diagonal scar running across the image a memory of something sad?


6. krantor

Each photograph has in its memories moments from both before and after the picture was taken.  The light brown area of the upper part disappears downwards towards the dark area. In the center of the upper part there is a white area that darkens towards the right. This white area looks a little leathery. To mind comes, a little inconsistently, a fishing net and a vortex that sucks in. It is gloomy at the bottom, light at the top. Which one do we end up in?


7. margatkea

The viewer sees things through her/his own world. The upper part is completely yellow; lighter yellow on the right side and bright yellow on the left side. The bright yellow circular areas of the upper part run towards the bottom. This looks a little like a yellow elephant's leg. On the border of light and darkness. The honeyed yellow tempts one to stay on the side of the light.


8. oendor

My values and attitudes show in my photographs. They may change, but they have already been recorded in the image. From the bottom left, pink leaves rise from black background over the entire picture. They turn almost violet at the top right edge. At the top right there is a half of an oval whiter area. The middle part is like red petals. Here is a proclamation, pink is trying to influence the black at the bottom, though discreetly.


9. polismas

Picture sets aim to create an integrated and aesthetic experience that interacts with you.  The background is black. From the right, for almost the entire height of the image, runs a corridor-like or tubular area to the left side and ends in a white border. The area on the right is white and turns pink and grainy. This looks a bit like an opening of a corridor or, for example, an open mouth of a fish. The hard has won over the soft, the bubbles have been trapped by it. I sense drama here.


10. meufrat

Preferably more luck than sense. Almost the entire surface is filled by a bright yellow ruffled area with a few black holes in the right middle. Do you see the heart-shaped area at the bottom? Something new bubbles under the yellow surface, some of it already shows. There is anticipation in the air.


11. iterminus

The photograph casts two-dimensional dark shadows when it confronts light. Part of the observation is the movement of shadows.  On a black background, it looks like red flames are rising into the sky. In the upper middle there is a cloud which has, as it were, two eyes. On the left, a stem rises which looks like a branch on fire. It is dark, but partly reflects colours. In the right middle there is a small white area. What was that? Something pierced the picture.


12. irhenvar

When I look at the stars,<br />
I do not look to the future,<br />
but into the past. There is dark red on black background. From the bottom left rises something like a brown tree trunk that runs across the image to the top right. This trunk darkens in the end. Near the top and the bottom of the trunk are small white areas. It is music, isn't it? There it stays vibrating.


13. thailassa

Photograph is a prisoner of time, but when you close your eyes, it gives the imagination room to move through time.  On black background, a violet upside-down letter v. It is like a swirling storm cloud which is being blown upwards.The last three pictures in the row all have something screwed up, irreversibly. This one seems to be collapsing.


14. talderaan

Image sets can be built and formed in order to make them compose something more than an image. The background is pink and has pink strands. There are also white areas in the background that end up in the black area at the top left. Here goes off an explosion.


15. kamito

Time can not be stopped. Photograph captures limited moments, memories of a time.  Orange uneven lines. There are white areas at the bottom right. At the top left, side by side, a few light circles. This is in flames, mostly already burnt.


16. kutapau

If one looks at a photograph for a longer time, it can open up new worlds. You form a connection with the photograph. Light brown with an upright oval in the middle. In the left middle, clear lines on a light, as it were, translucent surface. Despite the screaming scratches, the stare of the bubble in the middle captures.


17. onaboo

A photograph may take us into the past, to moments of our memories.  On a black background, oval red areas merged into each other. From the left middle, starts a white area, which extends almost to the center of the image. There is a huge amount of vitality here, it is struggling against something, maybe succeeding.


18. nandor

A photograph may suggest an impossible reality that does not crash, but it may get it to collapse. The lower left corner is black. It gradually turns orange when going towards the middle. From the upper left side, four black “spider legs” curve down side by side. In addition, a couple of black legs curve upwards. A frozen burst, a memory of an ancient burning event. The picture reminded me of it again.


19. terenginar

A photograph may be seen to illustrate meanings of shapes that are characteristic to the viewer. At the bottom left and top left, a  bright yellow corridor wall begins, which runs into the distance, ending up to the right edge of the image. This looks like a turned-up, bubbling yellow pyramid. This would be a peaceful view if that triangular wedge of light did not electrify the atmosphere. However, it does not reveal much.


20. tollanoa

In the midst of human knowledge,<br />
man is just a small chip<br />
riding on the winds of emotion.<br />
Tero Kokko On a black background, a curved fence consisting of brown stones is tapering off from left to upwards and right.You can almost hear how the mesh-like stuff crackles. And you have to stay to wait and see when the drop falls.


22. mygeseto

Dance my soul, dance,<br />
never learn to march. On a black background in the middle, an orange circle. The colour of the circle slides through yellow and red to orange. A vertical black tube runs over the circle of the middle area. The light trapped behind bars reveals something. Perhaps the most important thing, however, is the light itself, that it exists.


23. rathos

The viewer, the time and the environment influence the interpretation of a photograph.  In the middle there is an oval beige area that resembles a bearded face. There is, as it were, a large convex hat with also a little black on its left edge. When from a lizard’s egg the first bird on earth was born, it may have been as amazed as this one.


24. oneume

Photography is drawing with light, where the photographer has her/his own “handwriting”.  On a black background, red and violet northern lights across the sky. It also looks like there were a black hill at the bottom, behind which red light is reflected towards the clouds. When something is achieved, the next level always appears. The challenges will not stop, and that is good.


25. tattoonie

A photograph is a combination of “photographs” formed by moments consisting of a few fractions of a second.  A bright blue background. In the middle there are big pink circles. From above comes a bright light that makes the tops of the circles look white. Life blooms accompanied by a joyful humming, on an eternal blue foundation.


26. ifiorina

Camera shapes the photographer.  On a black background, a yellow root or tentacle runs across the lower part. At the upper part, above the root or tentacle there is a bright yellow area. There is a yellow round object under the root or tentacle, which is identified by the darkening edges and a small very strong yellow spot in the middle like a sun illuminating the landscape 
These pictures next to each other are siblings. In both, a narrow vein at the bottom moves towards a better future in the midst of a turmoil.


27. igeonosis

A Photographer's story can be tracked by the shards he/she has left behind.  On a black background, a yellow shiny area. The area starts at the bottom right and rises up to the halfway point of the left edge. Above this there are yellow streaks that, as it were, flow over the edge. Here the turmoil almost engulfs the advancing vein.


28. draszi

Often, seeing and accepting differences is enriching,<br />
but that does not mean that everything has to be accepted.  On black background, a round yellow area at the middle. On the right side of it at the top, a light tube. The left side is densely covered by white branches. In the middle hot and on the sides intense tingling. Something determined, well organised and solid is emerging from it.


29. idamogran

Our moments are built on the experiences of our past.  On a black background, there are dark red areas in the middle. As if in a black night, a hilly landscape were illuminated by red light. Dark gloom has almost taken over, but somewhere in the background one, large being glows dimly.


30. iminbari

If you want to know the meaning of a photograph for the photographer, you have to know her/his story.  On a black background, at the top left, a sharp triangle that continues dark-coloured all the way down to the bottom. In the back in the middle, there is, as it were, a yellow landscape with rocks and rings. On the left, something sharp, hard and precise is sprouting. Can it calm down the prevailing volcanic seething?


31. vulcain

A photograph is built in layers like an onion, in which you can always find new dimensions.  On the left almost black and on the right yellow, which turns almost white. From the bottom right, a dark streak rises to the left. From the lower part of the streak, bright tubular branches start up to the right.It seems that the sharp, hard and precise is melting, nothing can be done about the scorching heat.


32. koboli

You cannot always love,<br />
you can only be faithful<br />
Guy de Maupassant Light yellow round areas. At the bottom almost in the center there is a white area that rises upwards. Colours also include dark and pink. What remains is a glowing mass, which unexpectedly begins to organize into a clear flow up to the right. There is mobilizing power somewhere.


33. asolaria

The originality of photographs is difference. Seeing and accepting differences may enrich one’s own life .  On a black background, a diagonal light grey box. Some of its thick walls are blurred. Only at the left bottom there are clearer shapes and the rest is blurred. From the bottom left of the image starts a tubular area that curves right and up and turns first misty and then white. At the right upper part, a little yellow can be seen. Everything crystallises and solidifies around a golden core, yet the whole thing is going somewhere.


34. coruskant

There is a text equivalent for the photo that describes it, and that may help in understanding the content.  On a black background, slightly to the left of the center, four yellow areas surrounded by red, which forms a round uniform area. Above and to the right of this there is a light brown area in which the lower part is a red gauze-like area. At the top of the light brown area there is a white spot. The weight increases, everything slows down and cools down, but the movement still continues almost unnoticed.


35. ikashyyk

Understanding the abstract is not always its point. That is why it is a big challenge.  On a black background, at the upper part orange and at the lower part bright yellow big, strong shapes. The uneven tubical shapes of the lower part run across the image, ending shortly before the right edge. The brightest light yellow area is in the left side of the lower part. It is starting to flame, the vortices multiply, you do not know what is going to happen next. It is like life.


36. idagobah

In its deviation, a photograph may also be selfishness that goes beyond communality.  One of the most spare images in the series. Black background. On the left side, a yellow spherical area. A white line from the lower left edge runs to the middle halfway point, from which a thin red line runs up to the upper left edge. The burning fades, hardness appears, darkness takes over.


37. icentauri

Our knowledge and conceptions are shaped by our community.  On a black background, from the top a semicircle that fills almost the entire picture, the upper surface of which is like gray morning mist. In the middle above the edge of the semicircle, a white circle turning orange as if the sun was rising in the middle of mist. There are the similar areas also below the edge of the semicircle, but in them the mist has a slightly greenish hue. Under many strong membranes, trapped by arches, something glows very brightly.


38. amustafar

Rejoice, soul, for all the good<br /> 
there is.<br />
Look to the good moments in each day,<br />
do not drown in sorrow and grief<br />
Tero Kokko 8.9.97. On a black background, on the right, a white triangular area running down across the entire image, from which upper edge runs to left, a red brick-hued area filling almost two-thirds of the image. The area has triangular spots in different shades and there is a completely black spot in the middle.Now there is order, the triangles hold power, but they too are severely scratched.


40. caladani

A photographer does not have a relationship with photographing, he/she has a relationship with what he/she is photographing.  On a black background, the right side is dominated by a pale slightly yellowish area. Above it there is a large, light area and a similar area is also on the left side. Both light areas are vertically in the middle of the picture. From the top left a tubular light area runs curving across the top to the right and as it comes towards the right edge it disappears into mist. In the middle under the tube starts a white thin arrow that ends in the light area at the bottom right. Now into the spotlight has been captured the bud from which everything new grows.


41. chulaki

A photographs creates an opportunity to capture relationships and dimensions.  On a black background, at the top left, two white areas which are reflected from the shapes of the upper part of the picture. Some of the surfaces are white. There is a yellow ball at the bottom left on a misty background. Behind it at the bottom is a thick yellow tube that touches the right bottom edge. In the midst of old tired shines, a disturbance has born, a new spark.


42. getren

One has to trust in God, <br /> 
but one still has to keep on rowing. <br />
A Russian proverb.
 On a black background, misty light, partially even white, clouds, like an image of the universe. Alternatively, in the middle, a light-coloured man with his arms spread out, pictured from above. These slow forces meet like continental plates. Everything changes slowly, but even violent splashes can occur at any time.


43. ahoth

The photographer wants to open up her/his own world and thus enrich your world. Reddish, which turns light brown. In the middle of it, a light ball. A yellowish streak runs towards the center of the picture, where it turns into a black downward streak. From the middle of the top, a light gray area runs towards the bottom right.Everything whirls beautifully as if in a slow waltz, but there are also chirping cracks and empty spots present.


44. avegalle

If there is no connection between the photograph and the viewer, the photograph remains hollow. 
 On a light blue misty background, from the top right, a wide white streak runs into the center of the picture, first changing to grey and in the end to black. It continues as a light image all the way to the bottom edge. From the light area in the center, a black bar runs up to the left. In the middle there is a tubular section running towards the left edge where is a semi-circular light area with a black squarish object inside.This can become a strong construction, but friction is clearly present and visible.


45. anarn

For me, the importance of photograph has born already earlier.  On a black background, from the front left, a reddish ribbon runs across the middle area. From behind it rises a wider slightly thorny ribbon of the same colour to the middle of the top edge. Almost on the left edge, a narrow gray ribbon runs upwards and left, almost touching the left edge. In the background there are misty areas with different hues of reddish yellow. Led by a sharp wedge, a new order rolls into view.


46. myellowston

An abstract photograph may evoke thoughts and lets the viewer decide if it has meaning. On a black background, from the bottom left upwards over the midway point, on blue ground runs a string of black upward streaks containing also white. From the middle downwards, not quite to the bottom edge, a straight white line. In the middle part of right side, almost for the entire height of the image, a wide green vertical misty line runs to the bottom, from which starts a narrow line towards the white area in the middle. It is cool enough for green to step out as a new element.


47. mordos

The viewer's right is to create her/his own views that enrich the story of a photograph.  Image with a black background with a thin blue mist on the right side. At the lower part of the left side, a yellowish oval-like area, above which a misty green line meanders upwards almost to the top. Green escapes to a journey and spreads widely.


48. avorlon

Abstraction is a challenge for man, because man wants to find meaning for what he/she sees. The left side is like a light blue waterfall with smallish white ice-like pieces floating over it. They kind of grow upwards like trees. In the upper part, the pieces are more sparse than in the lower part but they cover a wider area. They spread like branches of a deciduous tree. At the bottom, there is another equally thick horizontal tree that is made up of pieces. It has a black background and is darker than the other one. As if a light would have come through the pieces. On the right a thin blue mist line rises upwards.The close-up shows ice crystals and dim light as a result of it getting colder.


49. gaina

Beliefs and traditions influence the seeing of a photograph, even though it is your experience of the image.  On a black background, metallic thick bars with white areas rise from the bottom. It is unclear what is the background and what is reflection. At the top in the middle there is a yellowish white area, which can be a part of the background or a reflection. In the upper left corner the background is partly red. On the right is a small yellow slightly oblong area. Even there, one does not know whether a grayer area belongs to the background or does not. One possibility is that there is a metal fence in the foreground, dark soil at the lower part of it, and red and yellow lights in the night at the upper part of it.Surprisingly, everything forms up into a rigid, static construction. It, perhaps, spins slowly.


21. nekhemet

The moment a photograph is created is not uniform. It is a question of a few fractions of a second in which parts of a photograph are exposed before others.  The top third of the picture is black. The lower part is white and brownish, slightly cotton wool -like area.Texture and its patterns are disappearing into darkness. Does it contain a message, should it be understood?


39. taltair

Age has changed and shaped us. Changes affect how and what we want to watch more than they affect our way of looking.  On a black background, an almost horizontal red area runs from the bottom center to the left. From the left, line-like areas with green and strong light blue streaks, run upwards across the image. On the right near the edge there are white spherical areas on top of each other, like reflections. Strong, cold blue is taking its place. The fire is disappearing, but there is still light left.


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