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Experts of Accessibility

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We did a series of interviews on different aspects of diversity. Read experts' thoughts on the basis of accessibility and on diversity..

Visually Impaired smart phone users

A visually impaired or a blind person can use current smart phones with touch screens with help of a screen reader or a magnifier nearly as efficiently as a sighted person. However,... ... Read more

Seppo Verho

I started photographing when I was 12. I used my pocket money to buy an affordable camera. I photographed seriously, practiced a lot of things with the help of guides. Then, during the... ... Read more

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Compagnie Kokko-Kokki Oy
Le pionier en testant l’accessibilité. En Finlande, la compagnie Kokko-Kokki Oy a conduit des testes d’accessibilitÉ
des sites Internet dès l’année 2003. Elle est la compagnie la plus experte en son domaine en Finlande. /p>

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