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Image Touches in the Iris Centre 

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How does a visually impaired photographer see the world? Tero Kokko's Touching Picture photo exhibition (1 Nov – 30 Nov 2022) offers a multisensory experience, where the most important thing is everyone's own way of seeing the series of images.

The opening of the exhibition on November 2nd 2022 at 16:00 in the exhibition space on the 3rd floor of the Iris Centre.

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Tero Kokko's photo and embossed book Touching Picture will also be published at the event.

Touching Image asks if we are actually seeing things or whether we are skipping them by taking them for granted. The visually impaired Tero Kokko challenges the viewers of the images to sense, to perceive, to feel and to touch. It is worthwhile to peel the contents of his images layer by layer like onions.

yksinaisyyden aika

All the images in the exhibition are tactile embossed images, some in colour. Descriptive texts for the works have been composed in different languages. In this way, everyone can get acquainted with the exhibition and the book in their own way.

- It has been said about me that I mix completely different things together and create something new. It is interesting to see what kind of thoughts, sensations and emotions the images evoke in other viewers, Tero Kokko ponders.

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